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Mythic Recruiting


While 25-man guilds are looking to trim the fat from their raid team, we are striving to bulk up, effectively doubling our raiding roster to compete in 20-man Mythic raiding. Whether the region of the U.S. is just looking to blend in like a chameleon to the faceless crowd that is 25-man raiding, or simply too shy to flex their gumbo on a 10-man team that is riddled with individual accountability, where the 9 other people in the raid fly or flop based on how well the tenth performs, 20-man Mythic raiding will certainly bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to everyone's approach to hardmode raiding.

We realize that some potential raiders will wait until the new expansion hits, when everyone is on an equal footing in terms of gear and progress, to apply to a raiding guild. While that's well and good, we are interested in recruiting for the here and now to be better prepared for the beyond. We wish to finish farming out the remainder of the tier and establish consistency as we enter the new expansion together as a guild. With that being said, if you are in search of a guild that will allow you to change from your now-geared main to a not-so-geared alt when Warlords of Draenor is launched or you are passionate enough about high-end raiding as we are, we want YOU!

We are in the market for some competitive heavy-hitting damage-dealers, players that have an exceptional ability to inflict the highest amount of damage possible consistently regardless of calamity or misfortune. We also want some highly-capable hybrid classes, able to operate at their fullest potential when the encounter requires them to heal or protect themselves and others in a pinch. We want healers that are able to heal the pants off the bosses, able to leap the tallest flames, to survive not only for themselves but for their fellow raiders, those willing and able to truly make it rain. A tank that refuses to crumple and squish and die even under the most relentless assault from bosses and adds alike, even when the going is the goingest and their healers may be indisposed or even slain, they should remain indestructible, to fight to remain the last one standing.

We spend many hours a week with each other talking, joking, yelling and everything else that comes with the excitement of raiding with a group of friends. At the end of the day, we're a second family and we hope you can
join us for WoD Mythic raiding!


Recruitment has been the veritable shits for us this tier, and it resulted in slower-than-desired kills of the last 3 bosses of Siege. When 2, 3, 4 people that we could rely on to fight, to rank, to kill with us in Throne of Thunder were suddenly called away for real-life opportunities before this tier even began, and when 2, 3, 4 more that we relied on to fill their shoes disappeared in separate stages of progression, it left us in a bit of a pickle. Some claimed to see greener grass and went for it, only to have it go brown once they got there. Others resented having to do the work and sought to be carried instead. One just plain disappeared after one kill on heroic Paragons. Killing heroic Garrosh was the culmination of an arduous journey for us, but no less rewarding than other tiers we've finished while they were current. It's simply an example of the dedication of the kind of players that seem so rare these days: the ones that are willing to show up, roll with the punches and stick with it to get stuff dead.


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